About Farm

Our farm is located in a quiet place away from any source of pollution. Just like in other families, the parents give the best care and security for their kids.

Lakkis farmers provide a nutritious diet and routine medical care and dry comfortable bedding for our cows. They are proud of producing healthy milk to customer.

Dairy farmers feed the cows by organic fodder and milking them by using computerized ALPRO feeding system for monitoring and controlling milk production by cows.
They use sanitizing solution to clean each cow`s udder before milking. After the udder has been cleaned and dried, an automatic milking machine gently and safely removes the milk from the cow.

”The milk is never touched by human hands”. When the cows milked ,the milk flows through clean and sanitized pipes and is chilled to 4 degree c in a stain steel bulk milk cooling tank where an automatic washing is activated after each milk collection.