About Patisserie

The pastry section is no less important than the rest of our lakis farms products by the terms of quality.

We have two basic types of desserts: cake and petits fours in addition to traditional Arabic sweets “homemade” like mhalabiyeh, meghle, pudding rice, which are characterized by the Lebanese dessert.
The Pastry has its own kitchen, so we note that these products are from lakis farms.

Patisserie has the following sweet categories:

- Italian & French Bread : Baguette, Ciabatta, Bread with cinamon, Cereal bread, Burger extra, Fajita Bread. We have a new section for healthy bread made from whole wheat flour, oat , and flax seeds that are made for diabetes and for who suffer from high blood cholesterol, for who want to lose weight and who want to eat healthy... Plus Sweet Bread like: Brioche, Pain aux lait with three flavors ( apricot, strawberries, chocolate) ,Bread with dates ,Oat with dates
- Petit Fours : Petit Fours with mixed tastes like chocolate, vanilla and in many beautiful shapes
- Traditional Sweets : Pudding rice, Megli, Jelly, Custard, Aysh saraya
- Fresh Juice : Carrot - Orange - Apple
- Cake Templates : There are a set of chocolate template cake and creamy cake, fruits cake in chocolate and "Buche" and birth day cake.
- Cake Pieces : ollection of our some pastry desserts: Eclair, Tarte, Charlotte, Mousse au chocolate, Brownies, Tiramisou, Orange cake, Muffin, Baba roum, Swiss roll (chocolate and vanilla), Foree (chocolate and vanilla), Cheese cake.
- Croissant : Zaatar - Cheese - Chocolate

This section also has a private and waiting area that allows consumers to taste sweets with their families.