About Restaurants

We are not like others, but we are proud of what we have. The items that we offer in our restaurant are not numerous, but we care about each and every one of them to proficiency.

The restaurant consists of five main sections:
1. Department of Dairy contains all kinds of cheese (Akkawi, halloumi, Nabulsi, Kashkawan, shalal, Majdouli, feta, Double cream, Mozorella), yogurt, goats labneh, shanklish labneh and cheese, labneh harra , ambaris, Qarishe and honey.
2. Grilled Department: barbecue grill meat sheep, kebab, kafta, kebbe , sheep blades, Tawook in several mixture
3. Department of raw meat: sheep liver, kafta, Mjarmashe, Marhamiyi.
4. Pastry department: sfiha baalabkiyi and all kinds of Manakish "
5. Department of vegetables: salad, tabbouleh
We also provide "all kinds of soft drinks, ayran yogurt, and fresh orange- apple- carrot juices.
Note: We are fully prepared and durable to meet the demands and needs of the customers to prepare all types of food and ouzi and Al manasef for all occasions with the willingness and ability to prepare a feast full for any number of people with all their requirements in any place, any time.
Our team has high experience and full efficiency and honored to serve your needs in the best and in highest specifications and each type of food that we have, has higher interest and adequate hygiene and quality of raw materials.
Please visit us to absolutely try our cuisine with full safety and hygiene.

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