About Sfiha

Lakis Farms are specialized in their foods as well as their meat and dairy products. They are even ranked among the best snack in Baalbeck, the city of the sun.

People cannot visit the temples of baalbeck city, without going to “Lakis Farms” to taste the Baalbeck Safiha (meat pie).
The delicious taste of safiha is due to the oven that its baked in and the quality of meat used which are from its farms that makes Lakis Farms different from others. Furthermore, there is a variety of special meat pie (Safiha), especially “Al-Haidariya Safiha”,and it’s the fundamental in Baalbak meat pies and comes in the form of very small squares with a grain of pine, moreover, “ Al-Safiha Al-Mataamiya” the restaurant meat pie which is a regular routine square shaped.

There is also “Al-Safiha Al-Tawila” the long meat pie which is called “Al-shakhtora” (The boat) which is larger than the normal meat pie portion. As well as, “Al-Safiha Al-Armania” The armanian meat pie which constitutes the normal meat pie in addition to garlic, hot pepper and coriander