LAKKIS FARMS has an excellent reputation in the producing of Diary products. Food Safety has always been a point of reference in its history .

LAKKIS FARMS is totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired hazards that could c ause harm to consumer when eating its products. This is done by implementing a Food Safety Management System according to the International Standards ISO 22000:2005 , in volving all level of managers and staff . The Food Safety Management System shall be maintained and periodically reviewed and continually improved .

LAKKIS FARMS is committed to:

- Continually establish food safety Objectives & Targets .
- Continually monitor review and improve the Food Safety Management System, including the Food Safety Policy.
- Comply with applicable Laws & Regulations, product statutory requirements and continually consulting internal & external parties to ensure ongoing compliance & improvement.
- Develop & Promote a pro - active Food Safety Culture within all our employees by providing them with adequate Food Safety Awareness.
- Communicate related Food Safety issues to all interested parties.
- Inform the interested parties within LAKKIS FARMS about Food Safety Policy, to all level of employees involved in production services.
- Cooperate with appropriate Authorities.
- Reduce waste to improve care of natural resources.
- Expect from LAKKIS FARMS active Suppliers to meet all Legal Rules & Regulations of Health, Safety & Environment.