About Us

About Us


Lakkis Farms was established in 2000. It all started with a small farm in the countryside that quickly grew into one of the top-ranking dairy and meat industries in the region.

Having found Hosh Tal Safia to be the perfect farmland, Mouhib Lakkis decided to start his own farm. His dreams, along with the farm, grew bigger as days went by and more people started visiting to get their hands on all the goods.

Dairy Industry

In 2005, a little traditional dairy industry saw the light, paired with a small restaurant and butchery.

Due to high demand, Lakkis Farms started its own catering business in 2007, providing a rich menu that’ll leave your guests in awe.

New Technology

In 2012, Lakkis Farms decided to leverage new technology within its dairy industry. A 1100 m2 fully automated dairy industry was established in Hosh Tal Safia, conforming to the LIBNOR standards and offering a wide variety of dairy products.

In 2013, Zahle welcomed a new restaurant branch featuring a show room where you can purchase dairy and meat products.

ISO 22000

In 2015, Lakkis Farms acquired the ISO 22000 certification for dairy industries, as well as the HACCP certification.

Endless Story

The story doesn’t end here. Chtaura will also be welcoming a new branch in 2018, and who knows where we’ll be landing next!

Our Mission

Fresh Dairy Products

Fresh Meat

Organic Vegetables

Our Farms

Restaurant & Catering


We believe in safe, natural and healthy dairy products. We Strive to have a leading mindset, a sensing approach and a creating culture ..


Good Growth describes who we are and how we are creating the future of dairy. It is what we stand for as a company, defined and shaped by our actions.


It’s at the heart of every one of us working at Lakkis Farms that we grow the business in a good way.

We believe our product activities and growth should not only create value for the farmers who own Lakkis Farms.
They should also improve the lives of people, help our customers to grow, bring exciting opportunities to colleagues working here and contribute positively to society.

Our strategic foundation guides us in delivering the ambition.



Baalbeck branch got relocated to Douris, it consists of: Head Office, central kitchen, catering and two restaurants.

Baalbeck branch got relocated to Douris, it consists of: Head Office, central kitchen, catering and two restaurants.

Baalbek Festival 2018

Baalbek Festival 2018

Baalbek Festival 2017

Baalbek Festival 2017