Our home located in baalbeck , zahle and chtaura where we share blends of traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Our goal at lakkis farm is to express passion and genorisity in the cuisine we share.
From farm to fork
Fresh high quality food straight from our farms

The restaurant consists of five main sections:
1. The Dairy Department offers all types of cheese (Akkawi, halloumi, Nabulsi, Kashkawan, shalal, Majdouli, feta, Double cream), yogurt, goats Labneh, ShanklishLabnehand cheese, Labneh Harra, Ambaris, Qarishe and honey.
2. The Grilled Meat Department offers grilled lamb, kebab, kafta, kibbe, lamb chops, and Tawook.
3. The Raw Meat Department offers liver, Kafta, Mjarmashe, and Marhamiyi.
4. The Pastry Department offers Safiha and all kinds of Manakish.
5. The Vegetables Department offers different salads and Tabbouleh.